About Us

Credit Bureau Associates of Georgia (CBA) is your premier provider for the collection of delinquent accounts receivable.

A broad market presence that serves healthcare, utility, financial, POA/HOA and commercial clients located throughout Georgia and beyond; advanced technology and years of valuable experience enable us to offer you the most informative needs assessment, quality controlled operations and timely execution in revenue recovery available to your company today.

We're here to be a valuable asset to your team.

CBA operates as a business partner committed to recovering your past due revenue and increasing your financial success.

Successful and effective, CBA will prove to be one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever add to your business team.

CBA is single-minded in its mission: quality must exist at the core of everything we do.

It is this very commitment to excellence that contributes dramatically to our clients’ success.

For more than 25 years, CBA has provided creditors of all kinds with the highest quality collections available and has exceeded all expectations by consistently returning more than twice the national average for collection liquidities… in only half the time!

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